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Will the costs of your move be covered by the Jobcenter? 

Germany 24 Umzüge is the number 1 partner for your move funded by the Jobcenter.

Our moving company has a lot of experience in the execution of Jobcenter-funded relocations. Accordingly, our moving consultants are well aware of all the criteria that must be met in order for the Jobcenter to cover the costs. This ensures that nothing stands in the way of your approval for a Jobcenter move. 

During the initial meeting with our relocation consultants, you will receive plenty of information and, if necessary, assistance with the application process. 

After our team has been allowed to inspect your removal goods, a quote will be prepared for you, which you can later submit to the Jobcenter. From our experience we can say that our quotations are being approved in the majority of cases. 

If you have any further questions about the process or the application for a Jobcenter funded relocation, our office will be happy to answer them by phone. We will also address your concerns by e-mail. 

Here you will find a summary of our services in the context of Jobcenter relocations:

  • Consultation for the determination of the transport goods 
  • Tips for a Jobcenter move in Düsseldorf
  • Relocation advice within the framework of Jobcenter requirements
  • Moving material for purchase or rent
  • Setting up a no-stopping zone for a smooth process
  • If required, a broom-clean handover of your old living quarters
  • Assistance with disassembly and assembly of your furniture
  • Further services after consultation with the ARGE/Jobcenter


Which costs does the Jobcenter cover?

The Jobcenter (formerly the ARGE) will only cover certain services throughout your move. These include for example the rental of a transportation vehicle including driver, a flat-rate for movers, as well as costs for packaging and renovation materials. 

If you have health restrictions, you should apply for additional benefits at the Jobcenter in advance, which will enable you to receive a moving service in full extent. This will ensure that, for instance assembly work and packing services are also covered. 

Please make sure that all the necessary forms have been received and approved by the Jobcenter in time before the inspection appointment with our moving company. 

If this is not the case, it may happen that the Jobcenter deducts several benefits when calculating the coverage rate. Therefore, a complete and punctual submission of all forms will improve your chances of full cost recovery for your move.

Job center relocation Düsseldorf within Germany

Have you found a new job in or are you planning to move to Düsseldorf? If this is the case, you can apply for a relocation funding at the Jobcenter. 

As a moving company and professional partner for Jobcenter-relocations, we will accompany you to your new place of work and residence, so that you can settle in before your first day at work. 

The Jobcenter-move from or to Düsseldorf within Germany enables you to take the first step into a new phase of your life with an adequate service package. 

If you have any questions on this subject, you can also visit our online "Relocation questions" section, where you will find interesting and helpful information.


You have already discussed your Jobcenter-relocation in Düsseldorf with your administrator and also received an approval? 

Then contact our Düsseldorf office toady! To do so, simply fill out the online contact form or send us an e-mail. Alternatively, you can also reach our consultants by phone during our ususal opening hours. 

We will be happy to provide you with an offer at a fixed price for your Jobcenter move in (and to) Düsseldorf as soon as possible.

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